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About us

About us

ALFA IN is the traditional Czech manufacturer of the welding machines, transformers, and gas filters. We bought a well established trade mark MEDVED power generators in the year 2010 and we continue in making the MEDVED power

Our business activities range far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. We export to many European and non-European countries. ALFA IN makes welding machines under our own trade mark ALFA IN and also under several rivate labels of well respected companies in the market of welding equipment.

We are number one on the Czech and Slovak market of gas filters. We have included rotary gas meters to our product range of gas devices.

The company has implemented functional and certified system of controlling quality ISO 9001 certification since the year 2000.

For dealershipes in other countries, please contact us by email: or phone: 00420 568 840 009.

Executive management

Ing. Vlasta Slámová (Managing director)

Commerce representationc

Statutory authority

Vladimír Holý (Chairman of the board of directors)
Ing. Vlasta Slámová (Vice chairman of the board of directors)
Hana Seemannová (Vice chairman of the board of directors)

Supervisory board

Ing. Ivan Řídký (Chairman of the Supervisory body) 
Ing. Lubomír Sláma (Member of the Supervisory body) 
Vlasta Němcová (Member of the Supervisory body)

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